The network for those without a network.


Our next information webinar is on Thursday 16th December, where we will be joined by employer partners and students using the platform, as well as provide a progress report six months after opening the platform to students.

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In the UK, less-advantaged students are more likely to go to university than ever before but even when they outperform those who are more privileged, they are still less likely to secure top graduate jobs. Among those at Russell Group universities, working class students who get a first are less likely to secure an elite job than a more privileged student who gets a 2:2 degree.

Graduate roles at leading organisations are increasingly the gateway to lucrative careers and senior leadership roles in influential professions including finance, law, politics and the civil service. These senior leadership roles are currently dominated by those from private schools, with two thirds of the Cabinet, 65% of senior judges, 59% of civil service permanent secretaries and 57% of the House of Lords, attending fee-paying schools that educate just 7% of the population.



At upReach, we refuse to let the old (but still often true) cliche “It’s who you know, not what you know” limit the progression of students from less-privileged backgrounds.

To tackle this challenge, we have built upon our experience supporting thousands of students and running a mentoring programme since 2013. We have also consulted extensively with students, mentors, employers and universities to inform the design of the Social Mobility Network.

While traditional mentoring schemes are valuable, they do not replicate the deeper informal networks that those from more privileged backgrounds can rely on for support.



In the first quarter of 2021, selected students from upReach's Partner Universities will have access, before the platform is rolled out to upReach Associates from over 60 universities during 2021

The network will include hundreds of professionals from a range of leading employers across key career sectors.

We are particularly grateful to our Strategic Partner for their support in growing the platform, and for providing up to 50 professionals.

To find out more about becoming a partner employer or university, please get in touch.




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